By Justin

10. His name

The latin meaning of "Lipnicki" means "of children".
The name Jonathen means "molester".
That is undeniable proof that he is a child molester. Some people are sick and Jonathan Lipnicki is one of them.

9. Hitler Connection?

Hitler was believed to have killed himself in 1945. Jonathen Lipnicki was born in 1990.
1990-1945= 45 years.  1945+45= 1990.
I think the math explains itself.

8. Arrogance and Ignorance

Look at this picture:

There are people starving in Africa and Mr. Lipnicki GETS A GIANT CAKE WITH HIS OWN PICTURE ON IT. First of all that cake is made from food sent to Salvation Army to feed starving children and second he's just so full of himself he has his own picture on it. Shame on you Lipnicki.


6. Sept. 11th

Before he was born there were ZERO terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center. After he was born there were TWO terrorists attacks on the WTC. He must be bribing the FBI with that giant cake of himself.

5. Nazi

Tried to run for president under the Nazi Party. He just thinks we're stupid because he adimently denies being Hitler yet he has the audacity to run for president under the NAZI PARTY?!?! God Dam, this fucker just doesn't know when to stop. Not to mention that he is way too young to run for President in the first place! Who does this kid think he is!?!!

4. Dumbest quote ever

"I believe in the lochness monster, because hey, somethings gotta be in there".
What kind of MORON would ever say something as stupid as this. It pisses me off so much that someone who could say something like that is able to become even a C-level "celebrity"...actually that someone is able to not be killed instantly to prevent contamination of the gene pool. My god this quote is one of those things that makes me think about going headfirst into traffic to avoid more stupid quotes.

3. He's a vampire

I used to think vampires were cool. But that was before one flew in through my window, decided my blood wasn't good enough and instead took my Axl Rose alarm clock. It was a pleasure to hear "WAKE UP, TIME TO DIE!" every morning. After I saw this pic:

my rivalry with Lipnicki became personal.

2. He beats up crippled people!

Here is shocking evidence of Jonathen Lipnicki beating up the crippled

1. He tries to be cool

Here's a pic of the little bastard now.

He goes from a little nerdkid with big gay glasses (think milhouse) to a big nerdkid in big gay glasses wearing expensive clothes. Guess what Lipnicki?, YOU SUCK. Just because you made some money acting like a retard in such shitty movies such as "Jerry McGuire", "Little Vampires", and "Like Mike" doesn't give you the right to try and act cool. Maybe if you took the money from these movies and donated it to the families of ALL THE PEOPLE YOU KILLED I would consider taking this page down. But even if I did take down this page I would probably put it back up as soon as you gave away your money just to spite you. And PS, give me back my Axel Rose Alarm Clock.

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