Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This phrase has been pounded into every person from the day they were born. Children's tales like "The Ugly Duckling" and "Beauty and the Beast" preach that looks are superficial and to look inside. This is all fine and good, but I think this politically correct society is losing something very important. This something is embarrassment over one's body. We have lost Shame. Sure, some people have problems and they can not keep the weight down or they were born below average in the looks department. I understand, but please be aware of how you look.

What I do not understand is how these people do not see that, yes they have a problem. Weight is one thing, cause some people can not control that, but please stop dressing in clothes that are just not meant for you. If an average built person tried to wear a children's shirt or an astronaut was to wear a chef's hat, everyone would call this unacceptable. Why then is it okay for a 290 pound girl to wear a baby-doll t-shirt and hip-huggers? It doesn't fit.

What is wrong with this picture?

The same goes for people with a total lack of hygiene. This a VERY simple thing to fix. Take a shower. Yet we have people walking around who haven't showered in a week or been to the dentist their entire lives and it is acceptable for them to be this way, because "that is the way they are".

Now here is where I am having the biggest problem, these oblivious ugly people are somehow hooking people who are average or even above average in looks. I have thought this over long and hard, as I watch couple after couple pass by me and I have come to the following conclusion. The media has really messed with our heads.

We have people who are very good looking under all this stress to be the television/movie quota. If a person is average or above, their goal becomes to be the perfect Hollywood look. These people begin to develop eating disorders and start over-exercising. They begin to develop what the other side is lacking, shame in their bodies, but they don't need to. In their eyes, they become ugly.

Now on the other side of the fence, we have the ugly people. These people in the back of their minds know that their face looks like the moon and they may have eaten one too many snack cakes the other day, yet they were taught that beauty is on the inside. So, since people have selective hearing, they listen to that. They build up in their heads a totally skewed mental image of themselves.

So when an overly confident ugly person approaches a person who matches their beautiful mental image we get this kind of problem:

Mental Images

So the average people who have a realistic image of themselves are left by themselves as unbalanced couples plague the world, only producing even worse offspring, because I am sorry when you mix Milwaukee's Best with Champagne it doesn't taste any better.

Beauty and the Beast

To solve this problem, I think we should all just look in the mirror and decide how we look realistically, without all the influence from the media. We can ALL stand a little improvement, get SOME exercise, eat an apple instead of that can of cold Spam, and please next time you decide to approach a person really think it over if they are in your league, both physically and mentally. You might be doing the world a terrible justice.