The Many People You Meet At Music School

I've been very experienced with colleges, whether getting accepted into the same one three times or taking those wonderful summer physics classes at community college I've done it all. Most recently I've been priviledged to attend a very famous music college. Because of it's reputation it attracts many people from many different walks of life from all over the world. And although there are so many different people I can pretty much categorize a majority of them into a few categories. The Hipster - These people are cool as hell and not afraid to tell you. They might not say it directly but you can tell just by the way they make their $500 outfit look like it came straight from the pawn shop. In fact these guys are so cool that they don't even let you look them in the eye because they have their oversized sunglasses to keep you wondering what they're thinking. There isn't a shortage of Hipsters because it usually takes their parents a 6-7 years to realize they haven't gone to class before they cut them off. Don't worry though, they always have a safety net by getting a job with their father's connections. The Hippies - I was really suprised after my first semester at the amount of hippies there were. I thought that they all died in the 70s when it wasn't popular to be a hippy anymore. I guess not because wherever I go on campus I can always find a tie-dye t-shirt and some dreadlocks. Hippies can usually be found "jamming" or complaining that they have to learn music theory at music school because they'd rather feel the music. Overall they are relatively friendly because no one wants to fight while stoned. Along with the hipsters they are part of the "hip" genus but hipsters have evolved their coolness to a whole new level. The Shredder - I personally don't mind most of the shredders. They are always on time, do their homework and don't usually whine. Outside of school they spend their time practicing, watching Metalpocolypse and watching Yngwie videos. Do watch out though for the shredders who have to answer every question in class and never compliment one because it can lead to arrogance. john-mayerThe John Mayer Clone - I hate these people. They show up straight from the suburbs with shaggy hair and acoustic guitar in tow and precede to sing a bunch of wussy cliche songs in all the local coffeehouses. They usually have a bunch of fat chicks follow them around but sometimes trick a hot girl into liking them. They work their way through class by befriending the teacher and working just hard enough to pass. A huge reason my my particular school has lost some of it's prestige. Asians - The Asian kids are pretty quiet. They do well in classes and you can tell they practice a lot but for some reason they never seem to just feel the music. Unfortunately you will never talk to any unless you are Asian yourself The Old Guy - These guys can be slackers who took 7 years to do 25 credits at community college or could have just decided that they wanted to work after high school. It is relieving when you ask someone their age and they say 28. Makes me feel better about them being better at the instrument then I am. And I've have found that most of them are. Girls - These are very rare. You will see maybe 7-8 for your first few semesters when you take intro courses. A majority of females will drop out after the first semester when they realize that they have to learn real music and that a majority of the males here will become taxi drivers. The rest will continue to work towards becoming "recording artists" and will probably also end up becoming taxi drivers. Now saying that everyone fits into one of these categories is unfair (there isn't a category for chicken lovers). But if you walk into an average class you'll probably see that most of it is made of these types of characters. At least we share one thing in common in that we aren't going to do anything with our degrees.

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  1. Brandon December 5, 2008 at 10:18 pm #

    the old guy can often be found playing standard blues scales and old Allman Brothers riffs.

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