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Your Week in Geek

Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, Another weeks worth of news from all corners of the internet.  While there may be no true King of the Geeks, I'm throwing my hat in for the job of official town crier of geek-dom. What is Lipitor, Movies:

Star Wars

  • This may be the worst news story I've had to report thus far...  George Lucas, the dark Sith lord of marketing has decided that all six Star Wars movies will be re-released in theaters.  In 3d.  Mr, where can i order Lipitor without prescription. Lipitor photos, Lucas could not be reached for comment, as the pile of money he dwells upon is just too precarious and massive for me to climb.   [Story via the LA Times]

  • Slashfilm is reporting that we are close to getting an official greenlight on the cinematic return to Middle Earth.  This is news so good it has cleansed my pallet of that last story.

  • And we're right back to the bad.  Though unlike the Star Wars news, Lipitor dosage, Buy Lipitor without prescription, this is more hillari-bad than terri-bad.   Rolland Emmerich (are you laughing yet?) has dropped some subtle hints that he's working on a sequal to Independence Day.  Considering that the last film pretty much destroyed every landmark possible within a span of two hours, it leaves me wondering what exactly would happen in a two hour sequel?  [Story from]

  • Den of Geek, Lipitor recreational. Lipitor no rx, has a story about some production issues facing the Alien sequels that Ridley Scott will be working on.  Namely that Scott wants a budget of $250 million and an R rating, while Fox wants a smaller budget and a softer rating.  But when one considers the sharp decline in quality after Aliens, Lipitor pharmacy, Lipitor forum, most fans probably just want this series to be left the hell alone.


  • David e. Kelly has been signed to write and and produce a new television series centered around Wonder Woman.  While no concrete news as to casting has come forth yet, about Lipitor, Lipitor use, here's hoping the actress who lands the role doesn't get dizzy. [story from Deadline Hollywood]

  • More DC on TV news: according to IGNSmallville has cast Battlestar Galactica star Michael Hogan to take on the role of the mercenary Deathstroke, Lipitor steet value, Comprar en línea Lipitor, comprar Lipitor baratos, who will be joining a host of other DC characters making their Smallville debuts, including the Blue Beetle, Lipitor canada, mexico, india, Where can i cheapest Lipitor online, Booster Gold and Deadshot.


  • The Walking Dead, soon to be coming to TV, Lipitor duration, Lipitor for sale, and veteran of the comic book shelf, has moved into the digital world.  As of issue #77, Lipitor samples, Lipitor images, all of the issues will be released online at the same time as the print issues are released.  For $2.99, the same price as the physical comic, Lipitor street price, Purchase Lipitor online no prescription, readers can purchase a copy for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch, buy Lipitor online no prescription, Buying Lipitor online over the counter, as well from as the Comics by Comixology website.  While the far-reaching effects on print comics and comic book stores remain to be seen, I think this is an important step in the evolution of the medium, ordering Lipitor online, Discount Lipitor, and will ultimately be for the better.  Expect more big titles to make the transition as well in the near future.  [story from]

Video Games:

  • Valve software released an update to Team Fortress 2 this week, and more DLC for both Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.  This is nothing but good news.  Great news would be some sort of information related to Half-Life 2 Episode 3, order Lipitor from mexican pharmacy. Something?  Anything?  Anyone?

  • Nintendo has put out a list of the launch titles for their forthcoming 3DS, Buy Lipitor Without Prescription. Lipitor dose, ( Gamespot has the article here)  Titles include Ocarina of Time, a new Megaman, Lipitor trusted pharmacy reviews, Get Lipitor, Resident Evil, Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings, buy no prescription Lipitor online. The new hand-held system will be released in japan on February 26th, 2011 with a U.S. and European release soon to follow.  Pricing for the U.S. and Europe have still not been confirmed.  While the Wii is a sore-spot for many gamers, love for the Nintento DS is almost universal, and Nintendo is poised to continue their domination of the hand-held market with the forthcoming 3DS.

  • Rumors are across coming in from all over the internet that the next World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, is being pushed back from November until early January of 2011.  Blizzard has never been the type to rush a product before it's ready, so it's refreshing to see the restraint on their part when it comes to the cash cow of cash cows that this franchise has become.  [Gamespot]

Miscellaneous Geek-ness:

THE WALKING DEAD "Opening Titles" from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.


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