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Think of any episode of 24 Topamax For Sale, .  The digital clock keeps a furious pace as Jack Bauer shoots, screams and fights his way to the center of an elaborate terrorist plot, aided by a generally obnoxious crew of desk-jockeying analysts all bound for an eventual body-bag.  Planes crash, cities are nuked, and superfluous spouse-characters get amnesia, then are murdered to appease annoyed fans.

Rubicon is AMC's antithetical answer to 24's extreme, Topamax pictures, Doses Topamax work, over-the-top terrorism-based thriller.  The show's first season unfolds like an four course meal.  It artfully constructs its story over thirteen episodes and closes in a challenging and bold way, leaving viewers eager to see where it could go next, where can i find Topamax online. Where can i buy cheapest Topamax online, Now you may read that and think that I didn't like 24, but that's not at all true.  I did enjoy the first few seasons of the show before its repetitive nature and need to push Jack Bauer to even more ridiculous courses of action turned the enjoyment once derived to a general apathy.  When I was recommended to check out AMC's series Rubicon, no prescription Topamax online, Online buy Topamax without a prescription, I didn't know what I was getting into, but what I was getting into was something unique, Topamax from canada, Topamax over the counter, and truly excellent.

Focusing around a group of intelligence analysts working for the fictional American Policy Instistute, order Topamax no prescription, Topamax used for, the show follows two main plots:  the analysts as a group tracking a notorious terrorist, and the central character, Topamax description, Purchase Topamax for sale, Will Travers unraveling a conspiracy that has jarring international implications.

The show is admittedly slow-moving, Topamax overnight, Topamax no rx, which I think is ultimately to its credit.  Violent moments are sparse at best, used as effective punctuation to the inter-weaving stories.  Character-based subplots are frequent, Topamax coupon, Topamax steet value, but never drag down the show's story, they are used to give depth to a cast of believable people, what is Topamax, Where to buy Topamax, not fill time and draw out the central plot.

With a plot that doesn't rely on action sequences, buy no prescription Topamax online, Buy cheap Topamax no rx, Rubicon is carried by stellar acting, through and through.  The protagonists, Topamax forum, Buy Topamax without prescription, are Will, played by James Badge Dale (24, discount Topamax, Herbal Topamax, The Pacific) is an emotionally-distant intellectual, not a generically-brooding action hero.  His story ist paralleled by that of the newly widowed Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson) whose late-husband's involvement in the central conspiracy of the show has left her with a dangerous mystery to unravel.  Will's boss, rx free Topamax, Topamax images, Truxton Spengler (Michael Ivan Cristofer) is twitchy, intimidating and disarming at times.  His  opposite is Kale Ingram, Topamax without a prescription, Topamax online cod, played with an ice-cold intensity by Arliss Howard (Full Metal Jacket, The Time Traveller's Wife), Topamax alternatives, Get Topamax, is a former black-ops operative who sticks out like as sore thumb in an office building full of analysts.  Will's team is rounded out by Grant Test, Tanya MacGaffin and the nerdy but--not stereotypically so--Miles Fiedler (played respectively by Christopher Evan Welch, Lauren Hodges and Dallas Roberts), a pack of bookish analysts whose interactions while tracking an enigmatic terrorist carry much of the show in lieu of generic action-TV fare.

Rubicon is challenging, but ultimately very much worth it.  Clear-cut heroes and villains do not populate this show; the shades of gray of the world are the shadows of the choices made by the characters that live there.  Episodes do not end with intense, bullet-ridden conflict.  Rubicon takes its sweet time, and rewards the viewer's patience with some of the best acting, writing and directing on television--something AMC manages to do with every new show it produces.  It may not grab you after a single episode, but after three or four, Rubicon will have your undivided attention.

[xrr rating=4/5]

A Few Descriptive Words: A measured, intelligent and rewarding conspiracy-heavy thriller.

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