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I saw a movie recently called Spontaneous Combustion Differin For Sale, . It's a lesser-known title from 1990, and it's about rainbows and frolicking bunny ra— No, wait, sorry: it's about spontaneous human combustion. My mistake; the title's just so ambiguous. Anyway, I came to hear about this movie through Cinemassacre's Monster Madness, where it was highlighted in the entry for October 28th, 2009. That review caught my attention for a few reasons. For one, spontaneous human combustion (SHC for short) always intrigued me back when I was into the paranormal, Differin For Sale. Fast shipping Differin, As well, as of late I had been in the market for a new antagonist to bring into an online roleplaying game of mine, and the concept of a man with the power to inflict SHC seemed interesting.

What really sealed the deal, though, was the talent involved. Spontaneous Combustion, I was told, starred Brad Dourif and was directed by Tobe Hooper. I didn't recognize Dourif's name offhand at the time, but in the Cinemassacre review, it was pointed out that he voiced Chucky in the Child's Play series, buy cheap Differin. Differin For Sale, I hadn't ever seen those movies myself, but I knew about Chucky through cultural osmosis, and seeing any kind of famous voice talent doing on-camera work always gets me excited (if the 1998 Godzilla did anything cool, it was featuring Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, and Nancy Cartwright on-screen in the same movie). And Tobe Hooper I knew for directing one of my all-time favourite PG-rated horror movies, Poltergeist. I had always meant to see more of his work, and was curious to know why he hadn't done more I had heard of in recent years.

I'll get into what I thought of the movie itself later (short version: WHAT). The more important result of watching it was a spike in interest in these two men and their work. Obsessions can be weird and out of the blue for me - spontaneous, you might even call them (ba-dum-tish), Differin For Sale. In any case, I want to feel like I'm getting something productive out of all this movie-watching I've been doing, so I'm taking you guys with me on this random little retrospective of mine. Who knows. Differin results, Maybe you'll be as interested as I am. Or maybe you'll just look at me funny afterward. Differin For Sale, Either way, you might learn something.

(Note: All clips linked are presented under Fair Use for review purposes only. Some clips for Spontaneous Combustion, Child's Play, and Wise Blood may contain profanity and/or violence.)

We'll start with the actor here, Brad Dourif. I won't get too much into his or Tobe Hooper's life story or complete filmography in these articles. That's what Wikipedia and IMDb are for. Long story short for the lazy: Dourif was an unknown working off-Broadway and at Woodstock, NY in the 1970's when he was discovered by Miloš Forman and cast in a little movie you might have heard of - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Differin For Sale. Playing the role of sweet, stuttering Billy Bibbit in that movie was a huge break for him, earning him a few awards (including a Golden Globe for Best Actor Debut) and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, Differin dangers. He didn't get to stick with sweet parts for long, though. If there's one thing you start to notice about Brad Dourif as you see more of his movies, it's that he's got this intensity that makes him scarily good at being, well, scary.

Dourif stated in an interview some years back that one of the most important things about acting is bringing a strong inner life to a character. Differin For Sale, As it turns out, he's so good at doing this that said inner life often just overflows out of him, making his characters come off as just a little bit kuh-raaazy. He can do this kind of intense, high-strung performance while remaining completely compelling and believable, though, Buy Differin from canada, which is a difficult feat for many. Unfortunately for him, being super-good at a particular kind of performance tends to mean only one thing in Hollywood: typecasting. Studios have found it convenient time and time again to cast Dourif in disturbed, psychopathic, and sometimes downright demonic roles. In the interests of paying the bills, he hasn't been able to strive for variety at all times, either. Quotes from IMDb:

"Well, I've been cast as [edgy, twisted characters], Differin For Sale. . . and I like to work, where can i cheapest Differin online, so I take those roles."

"I'm a whore. If they have a check and camera and a script and stuff for me to say, I am mostly there, unless I just can't take it. Differin For Sale, No, really, I do like to work. It just depends on whether there is a whole lot of stuff for me to choose from, because if there is I am choosy. If there's not a lot of work, then I try to find some redeeming value in the parts being offered. If it is awful, then, Differin dose, of course, I can't do it. But I have to say, I am pretty lucky in that there are usually things coming in. That said, sometimes it is slow."

Well, at least the man's honest, Differin For Sale. I'm guessing Critters 4 came along during a slow period, then.

Anyway, I should move on to the main event here. What all did I end up watching that featured this dude in it, and what did I think.

Spontaneous Combustion (1990)

All right, the kickoff for this whole exercise, Differin schedule. Differin For Sale, I have actually seen this movie about three times now - twice all the way through plus enough reviews of key scenes to add up to a third. That isn't because I think I've got a masterpiece on my hands, though. On the contrary: Spontaneous Combustion is actually pretty bad. Most of the acting is forgettable at best, and unintentionally hilarious at worst ("HE JUST CALLED ME, LEW, AND FIRE CAME OUT OF THE PHONE!"); some of the interior locations, like the "fancy café," look like the best the crew could rent for about $5; and most of the special effects are either poor compositing jobs or obvious animatronics.

The worst thing here, Purchase Differin, though, has got to be the plot. Remember how I said this was about a man with SHC powers, Differin For Sale. Sounds simple enough, right. Well how about we add a little backstory to that premise so that we don't just end up with a string of unconnected burning scenes. "Okay," you say, "that sounds reasonable." But. A man with SHC powers is kind of out there, right. Differin For Sale, So how about we make this backstory extra science-y to give it more credibility. "Um, okay, purchase Differin for sale. There have been sillier horror concepts with less justification that still worked, but that's not unreasonable, I guess." All right, and now, just for kicks, why don't we make the science and motivations of everyone involved so ludicrously complicated and under-explained that moviegoers will just give up questioning things and accept anything we throw at them. "Hey, wait a min—" Too late. Movie's made, let's go!

This thing gives me a headache.

Yet, in spite of the things going against it, I've found myself fascinated by this movie, Differin For Sale. Order Differin online c.o.d, The premise is still interesting at core, complications aside; the strength of the idea was still enough to make me adapt it for the purposes of my game (hence the re-watches). The score by Graeme Revell sets an ominous mood right from the opening credits (which he described in an interview as "a version of the 1812 Overture only using flamethrowers, flack bursts and stuff like that"). There's a genuinely funny cameo from director John Landis as a radio technician whose kneecaps explode in spectacular fashion.

And then there's our boy Brad. Differin For Sale, Oh wow. This was the first time I paid attention to who he was in a film, making this a chance for a new first impression, as it were. That impression. He nailed it. He made his character likable from the get-go with some cheerful mangling of Shakespeare, taking Differin, followed by a fun, natural-sounding (if overly expository) conversation with Cynthia Bane in the next scene. I found it very easy to follow his character, Sam, as the plot began to heat up and build its labyrinthine conspiracy, Differin For Sale. Even after Sam starts to lose his grip on sanity and commits acts that approach the Moral Event Horizon, he's still sympathetic; you really don't want anything bad to happen to him, even though there's only one direction things can go for him. (That being up. In flames.)

I'll get more into the details of where this movie fails and succeeds in Part 2 of this article. The important bit here is that Dourif almost single-handedly saves it from the scrap heap. Differin For Sale, Sure, there are some parts where he really hams it up Shatner style ("Two. People. Died. Two people. Differin mg, I know. Burned to death."), but I would blame that more on sloppy editors choosing bad takes when that happens (again, more on that later). If you end up seeing this movie for any reason, see it for him, Differin For Sale.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

I had already seen Cuckoo's Nest a few times before this, but that is no reason to turn down an opportunity to watch it again. It really is deserving of its spot on all lists of great movies, including IMBb's Top 250, where it currently sits at #9. There are plenty of classic movies that I just can't watch more than once. Maybe I'm a product of flashy cartoons and superhero movies, but I can think of several classic movies where I can objectively acknowledge their quality while not personally being that interested in them (e.g.: Lawrence of Arabia, Differin use, The Godfather, even Citizen Kane; am I a terrible person yet?). Not so with Differin For Sale, Cuckoo's Nest. The first time I saw it, I wanted to see it again as soon as possible. It was just too compelling, too well-acted and cast, too touching to leave it at just one viewing. For me, an unrepentant film re-watcher, that is a huge mark of quality right there. Differin no prescription, You don't need me to tell you to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (though, you totally should if you haven't). What you do need me to tell you is that Brad Dourif had an amazing debut here, Differin For Sale. It's easy to see why Billy Bibbit was the role that earned him all those award nods. He plays the mentally challenged part well without going "full retard," as Tropic Thunder so eloquently put it. That could be said of most of the cast here, but Dourif I think would stand out on the "d'awwww" factor alone even without that. You just can't help but care about this poor, stutter-filled momma's boy. Differin For Sale, And I won't spoil his fate in the movie, but trust me: it's going to make you want to stab Nurse Ratched in the face with a soldering iron.

If you need one more clinching piece of evidence that this is a great film and Dourif is great in it, check out this clip from Spaced. Forget awards and scholarly analysis: if your movie/performance gets parodied by Edgar Wright, no prescription Differin online, that's when you really know you've made it.

The Exorcist III (1990)

I didn't watch Exorcist II: The Heretic, but I'm told you don't need to in order to see this threequel. If one of Cinemassacre's other reviews is any indicator, I think I'm better off leaving that one be, anyway. The third instalment in the series is based on William Peter Blatty's follow-up to the original Exorcist novel, entitled Legion (not to be confused with certain terrible Paul Bettany movies), Differin For Sale. In fact, this movie was just going to be called Legion. Hollywood execs, however, Order Differin online overnight delivery no prescription, figured it would sell better under the big "E" title. ...Despite the fact that Exorcist II was a disaster. And would probably dissuade people from seeing a third movie. And that's totally what happened. Differin For Sale, Who's in charge here again.

Don't let the box office numbers or the "III" in the title fool you, though. Exorcist III is a surprisingly effective movie, and doesn't feel like a cash-in at all. It's not as good as the original, of course, but it's serious, it's ponderous, it's grisly, is Differin addictive, and it's chilling. The only big criticism I have is that the "author-as-director" thing can really be felt sometimes; it often seems more like a stage play or a dramatic reading than a film, especially in dialogue scenes (which you could call "legion," for they are many).

Dourif's part in this one is that of a deceased serial murderer known as the Gemini Killer, Differin For Sale. Satan was feeling a tad put out following the events of The Exorcist, so in a cosmic "screw you" move, he slipped the soul of the Gemini inside (spoiler!) the dying body of Damien Karras. It takes the Gemini fifteen years to regenerate Karras's brain cells, but now that he's done it, he's in the mood for a good old-fashioned killing spree. Differin schedule, He's all too happy to talk about it with our new-old protagonist, Lt. Kinderman (played by George C. Differin For Sale, Scott), too. At first we see the killer in the guise of Karras himself, played by Jason Miller from the original film. As he becomes more adamant about convincing Kinderman that he is the Gemini, however, we see him as he looked in life, played by Dourif. It's an interesting way to get the possession across to the audience; we see Karras either when Karras's soul is closer to the surface or when Kinderman wants to believe it's him, and we see the Gemini when there's nothing of Karras there at all. It's unclear what Kinderman is really seeing, where to buy Differin, too, which makes the blurring of reality more effective.

This is the scariest performance I've seen out of Dourif so far, Differin For Sale. Even if his voice hadn't been distorted, it would still be disturbing, and there's a part of his performance where the voice distortion lifts briefly to prove that. Some have said that he had to have been possessed for real in order to sound this convincingly evil, though how serious they were being, I'm not sure. I wouldn't put it on quite that level, but you can judge for yourself in this clip of Dourif's first appearance in the film. Low dose Differin, Warning: contains graphic descriptions of violence, creepy singing, and an unsettling amount of leaning back and forth.

Child's Play posterChild's Play Series (1988-2004) Differin For Sale, "DON'T **** WITH THE CHUCK."

Chucky the Killer Good Guy Doll (™) is probably the Dourif role most people are going to be familiar with already, so I won't spend too much time explaining the plot of Child's Play and its string of sequels. If you're unfamiliar with the series, here's the gist of a typical instalment: Hollywood Voodoo, Creepy Doll/Perverse Puppet, Cassandra Truth, Grand Theft Me, High Octane Nightmare Fuel. The last two sequels, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, are self-parodies rather than typical instalments, where can i order Differin without prescription, but that's besides the point.

For most of my life, I was under the impression that I would never see a Chucky movie. That's not because I thought he would be scary, but because I was shallow. I thought the design of Chucky was butt-ugly and not the least bit cool or scary, Differin For Sale. Freddy Krueger had awesome finger knives; Michael Myers had that spooky mask; Jason Voorhees... well I've yet to warm up to Jason either, to be honest. I'm not really a hockey fan. But yeah, Cheap Differin no rx, what did Chucky have. Differin For Sale, A big stupid head, a stubby little body, and fugly orange hair. Ughh. WhatEVER. So last millennium. </valley girl>

I'm glad I finally did see a few of these films, though. Are they revelatory, Differin For Sale. No. Are they predictable. To a tee. Are they scary. Differin For Sale, Spottily. The climaxes of the first two movies are actually pretty tense, and there's a bit of Eye Scream in the second movie that made me have to cover my face and peek through my fingers like a little girl, Differin photos. You know what, though. It happened: I gave in to the twisted charm of the Chuck. He's still butt-ugly, but I found the animatronics work in these movies way more impressive than expected. All the little articulations and movements the doll is capable of give the guy a heck of a lot of character, Differin For Sale.

And that's to say nothing of the voice performance; the Chucky doll needs a soul to live, and that soul is in Brad Dourif's vocal chords. It's not always a perfect performance, mind you. In most of the first movie, Differin samples, Chucky's voice isn't that distinct from Dourif's natural speaking voice (makes some sense, though, considering Dourif also plays human Chucky in the opening of that movie). By Seed, he sounds more like a chain-smoking cartoon character than a serial killer. Differin For Sale, There's a happy medium in the second and third movies, though, and that sound is just perfect for the character. By the time Dourif hits that stride, it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role. A natural-sounding, darkly humorous Chucky works a lot better than the played-up version of recent years, so if that remake of Child's Play ever gets made, I hope his voice is dialled back a bit from what it's become.

Wise Blood posterWise Blood (1979)

When you start looking into an actor in-depth, after Differin, one question that's bound to come up is "What's the best performance they've ever done?" We already know that Dourif had a great debut in Cuckoo's Nest, but did he ever top that. I looked around a bit, and a few sources cited John Huston's Wise Blood as his best performance. All right, then let's see Wise Blood, I thought, Differin For Sale. ...Wow, it figures that the last movie I picked would be the hardest to talk about. So Wise Blood is a black comedy. I think. It's a harsh critique of religion. Differin For Sale, Annnnd also about the perils of believing in nothing. The acting is great on all parts, Differin no rx, if a bit theatrical. So why does it feel like I've missed a bunch of dialogue when I haven't.

Dourif plays Hazel Motes, a young man recently returned from war (possibly the Korean War, though we're never told). He finds his family homestead in shambles and so packs up and heads to the city of Taulkinham to do things he's never done before. In town, he buys a new suit and hat, and to his chagrin, several people tell him he looks like a preacher, Differin For Sale. Hazel hates preachers something fierce (see: disturbing childhood flashbacks), and this comes to a head when he comes across a blind preacher and his fifteen-year-old daughter. In a fit of frustration, Hazel starts spouting off to people about forming his own church, the Church of Christ Without Christ, and we go from there, discount Differin. A gorilla suit is involved at one point. Not even kidding. Differin For Sale, I am honestly not sure whether I liked this or not. It seems like the sort of thing that should have amazed me. The story revolves around very heavy themes, the characters serve well-thought-out purposes, the portrait painted of the mid-twentieth-century Deep South is harsh and thought-provoking, the use of symbolism is masterful, and there's a lot of allegory going on. It would be a quintessential high school English class movie if not for the inclusion of prostitution and sex with a minor. Feels like it has some very significant things to say, Order Differin from mexican pharmacy, and can be analyzed on several different levels.

Still, I found myself frustrated a lot while watching this, Differin For Sale. The dialogue often seems like a series of non-sequiters, and because I didn't grow up in that time period in the Deep South, I can't tell if I just don't get it or if it's badly written/directed. Also, the music is awful. Many times throughout, the film uses "derp-da-derp hurr hurr silly hicks!" music when it seems to have no business being there. The weird part is that I think that disconnect was intentional. Differin For Sale, Still really bugged me, either way. Lastly, this is yet another story that portrays non-believers not as non-believers, but as people who are angry at God (or Jesus in this case), buy Differin from mexico. To be fair, that's not a fault of this specific movie since I don't think it was trying to be about atheism so much as hypocrisy, but it's still a trope that grinds my gears.

Anyway, Dourif. Is this his best performance. It's certainly a complex one, requiring him to alternate between low-key and high and to communicate much through facial expressions and body language alone, Differin For Sale. He gets across how deeply haunted Hazel Motes is by Christ, and it's often very striking and disturbing. Definitely a different kind of disturbing from Dourif's horror roles, too. It's the kind of disturbing that makes you question the human race, not just body horror or supernatural scares. Still, that dialogue... Differin For Sale, Sometimes I just really had problems with it. For that reason, I think I'd tie Hazel with Billy Bibbit. Hazel is a stronger, more demanding performance marred by bizarre directing choices, while Billy is slightly less complex but in a better movie. If there's a better performance of than either of these that I've haven't seen yet, someone let me know.

Deadwood S3 - pointing out Doc CochranRecent Work

This article's already pretty dang long, so I'll keep this super short. Brad Dourif is a whole lot less well-known than he ought to be, Differin For Sale. The biggest role he's had other than Chucky in the past decade has been Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and that was almost eight years ago now. The most recent mainstream Hollywood movies I can find with him in them are the Rob Zombie Halloween remakes, in which he played Sheriff Lee Brackett alongside fellow "where has my career gone?" refugee Malcolm McDowell. Some of his best work nowadays, it seems, is in television rather than movies. Hardcore nerds may know him as Lon Suder from a few episodes of Star Trek: Voyager; this year he guested on an episode of Law & Order: SVU as Dr. Iggy Drexel; and the biggest so far was the recurring role of Doc Cochran on HBO's Deadwood Differin For Sale, . I haven't seen the show yet, but a friend showed me a clip of the character, and seeing that made me feel like tearing up even without knowing its context, good god. More of that, please.

So what did I get out of all of this. Predictably, that I think Brad Dourif is a cool guy and a great actor. His quality hasn't gone off at all since his start from what I can see (save for the direction Chucky has gone in, but that's just my opinion), Differin For Sale. He deserves a lot more visible and varied work. Go Brad. You the man.

Can't really say the same for the quality of my next subject, Tobe Hooper. But that's for Part 2 of this retrospective. Look for it within the next week or two - same Pirate Time, same Pirate Channel.

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