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Ampicillin For Sale, November was a great month for video game buyers.  I was excited to go down to my GameStop and pick up Call of Duty Black Ops, as I have been a fan of the series; Fallout New Vegas, as I am a fan of the series,; Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood; as I am a fan of the series, and Fable 3, as I am a huge fan of the first game, and thought the second was good.  All of these titles took big leaps forward to become stronger releases and better games than their predecessors, except for Fable 3.  As a matter a fact, the Fable franchise has been one of the few strong selling series that has gotten progressively worse with each release.  I’m sorry to say, but after playing Fable 3, Lionhead Studios may have gotten the last bit of my money.  (Warning, this review contains plot spoilers). 

To explain how Fable 3 fell short, I feel it is important to explain why the original was such an incredible game.  Fable reinvented character customization, and was one of the first games to mix sandbox gameplay with an RPG style leveling up system.  Intertwined with that was how your character would interact with all the NPC (non playable characters) in the game.  And I mean anyone and everyone in the game was someone you could marry, kill, have sexual relationships with (even if you wanted your character to be a homosexual), or just to show off your trophies and have a good old fashion ego boost.  The long and short of it is that the original Fable game innovated character customization that non-PC RPG’s had never had before.  The mix of your character’s morality, weapons, armor, spells, accomplishments, popularity, and even appearance would affect the game play.  It was impressive.  However, and this is important, these incredible features STILL TOOK A BACKSEAT TO THE ACTUAL GAME. 

Fable 3 is a shining example of how Lionhead studios lost sight of what made the original so good.  In Fable 3, you are the King’s younger brother.  The King is a tyrant, and has your love killed to set an example (or a random villager depending on how you choose).  You escape to castle and begin a mission to start a rebellion against the throne, and begin an incredibly linier series of missions that are incredible bland and very errand-boy style game play.  You must gain the support of multiple groups of people and tribes across the land to help overthrow the thrown.  This is represented in the game by Seals.  Your seals are sort of like your experience points.  You earn them for completing missions, and then spend them leveling up.  There are often times where you need to earn a specific number of seals before you can unlock a mission, sort of like you have to prove yourself and gain followers before someone trusts you enough to send them on an errand.  Eventually you overthrow the throne, and become king.  But when you do, you discover that your brother was such a tyrant because in exactly a year, a great evil is coming to the land, and he was trying to raise money and keep the people disciplined so they could fight to save the world.  Now you are king, and have to decide to also be a huge jerk like your brother, or somehow manage to keep everyone loving you but still raise the money to defend the land.  That is pretty much the entirety of the plot of the game.  You are given multiple decisions in the game whether to do something good that will cost you money, or something bad that will give you money. 

Fable 3 does a ton of things right.  The character interaction with NPC’s is very amusing and still original.  The dialog and a lot of the side quests are entertaining, and they continue to bring back some reoccurring characters in the form of ghosts from the first two games.  Also, there are new Demon doors that keep you guessing on how exactly to open them, and there are evil Gnomes for you to find (like the evil Gargoyles in the last game), and there are still silver keys that open up chests around the world.  In addition to that, they have a new feature where you can level up each weapon you have by doing specific tasks, some of which are combat related, some of which aren’t.   However, 90% of the fun of this game was side quests.  The side quests are far more entertaining than the actual game. 

Here is what Fable 3 did wrong.  The leveling up system was sophisticated in the first game, was scaled back in the second game, and is practically nonexistent in this game.  In previous games you could level up specific spells, specific skills, and specific attributes to your character like speed, strength, and health.  In this game you don’t even have a health bar let alone level it up.  The leveling up consists of you buying expressions with your seals (which can be incredibly irrelevant to the actual game depending on how you play it), and just leveling up Melee, Ranged, and Spells all inclusive.  You went from being able to customize your character into a class, to basically having a one size fits all hero in terms of your skills.  Additionally, while you can make your character look however he wants, there is no armor classes in the game.  Your defense isn’t based off anything…which doesn’t matter because you have no health bar. 

The game’s plot and even some of the missions you have to do to build up your seals are incredible repetitive.  The game makes a big deal about being able to become friends or even lovers with pretty much any NPC in the game.  However, the missions to do so are all the same.  EXACTLY the same.  It…gets…boring.  You really start to care less if your character has any friends at all. 

I could actually rant about a few other things I think they did wrong with this game, but I will sum it up like this.  Lionshead studios enhanced all the features in this game that should have been kept the way they were, and they took no time to enhance the game where it needed it, specifically the combat system, the plot missions, and the character building.  Realistically speaking, who cares how great the world your character exists in is, if you aren’t motivated to actually play the game? 

Between the first game and this most recent release, Lionshead studios is showing a trend of emphasizing the aspects of the game which on one hand made it innovative, but unfortunately on the other hand is not the sole focus of the game.  The sole focus of any good RPG is building your character, completing the missions, completing the side quests for extra gold, bonuses, and weapons, and being inspired to take down the villain at the end of the game.  The way Lionshead made this game, I didn’t give a single darn about any one of those things.  

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