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Bactroban For Sale, Nothing is worse than the angry fanboy standing upon their soapbox, decrying some new media that has offended their source material  (anyone who wants an extra half hour in Lord of the Rings for Tom Bombadil is a bit off their rocker, for instance).  Unfortunately, I've taken up that cause for The Walking Dead, as I feel its final episode turned it into an utter disappointment for fans of the comic series.  Be warned, this post is almost entirely spoilers, so if you still intend to catch up the show, turn away now. Bactroban results, Leading up to the season finale, the show had been a bit up and down, Bactroban without prescription, Buy Bactroban online no prescription, with episodes that were only loosely attached to the plot from the comics.  It was generally accepted, though, Bactroban over the counter, Where can i buy cheapest Bactroban online, that these new stories were good in their own right.  The show did many things well, with high production values and great casting.  The only complain up until now is that with the expanded cast (there are many more humans in the show than in the comics), Bactroban street price, Bactroban schedule, not enough time was spent developing the relations of the characters to each other.  That being said, four out of the five episodes were extremely high-quality TV in my opinion (episode 4 being the one you can skip, where can i cheapest Bactroban online, Buy no prescription Bactroban online, ironically the one written by comic creator Robert Kirkman), so I was still going into the finale with an open mind as to the verdict for this season, Bactroban pics. Bactroban long term, This lack of character development proved to be the show's downfall, as we are treated to a scientific explanation of the zombie disease early on in the finale.  This felt similar to watching Star Wars Episode I and hearing Liam Neeson explain that The Force is just some microbes in your DNA!  People don't like The Walking Dead because of the zombies, online buy Bactroban without a prescription, Bactroban pharmacy, they enjoy the human case study of people trying to get by in a post-apocalyptic setting.  Zombies are the backdrop, so it was a disappointment to see this much time spent showcasing them as a plot focus, is Bactroban addictive. Bactroban for sale, [caption id="attachment_8251" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="That's right, I screwed Rick's wife and survived Season 1.  Thank god we're focusing on zombies rather than the humans!"][/caption]

From there, doses Bactroban work, Buy generic Bactroban, the show went downhill fast.  During the scientific explanation, was there any doubt that patient TS-19 was secretly the doctor's wife?  The doctor continued to cause the episode to stumble, order Bactroban from United States pharmacy, Bactroban pictures, with an end-of-the-world rant that includes France being awesome and slams the use of fossil fuels, all within 30 seconds.  Really, Bactroban no rx, Canada, mexico, india, writers?  What time like the end of the world to make a veiled political statement.

As the action commenced in the episode's final moments, Bactroban australia, uk, us, usa, Bactroban samples, it became clear that the writer's room truly was flying by the seat of its pants.  As our heroes made their escape, with the facility having powered itself down to only the most essential functions, Bactroban use, Buy Bactroban without a prescription, we still had active security cameras to enable the heartwarming moment back in CDC command.  The doctor, a man of science, Bactroban description, Bactroban price, coupon, is entertaining notions of god?  Also, if the entire facility had run out of fossil fuels, Bactroban coupon, Bactroban online cod, what exactly reacted with the air when it ignited to cause such a spectacular explosion.

I know some of these points get into the nit-picky range, but once the show made itself clear on what direction it was taking, I found it hard  not to notice all of the flaws.  The majority of viewers I've spoken to who have no experience with the comics have an overall high opinion of the show, and I can't help but agree with them that even the worst AMC show is better than the average television series, Bactroban For Sale. That being said, Bactroban alternatives, the entire writing staff for this show has already been fired, so I'm not the only person who sees the series this way.

Season 2 has been a given since before the first episode even premiered, so hopefully this will lead to some major improvements with the plot.  Here are some predictions for what we will see in the upcoming episodes:

  • The doctor whispered a secret in Rick's ear during the closing moments of the finale.  This will turn out to be either a revelation that his wife is pregnant, or that all humans are already infected, and will eventually turn into zombies no matter how they die.

  • Our man from Episode 1 who was left on the roof will return as a major villain, The General, the one-handed ruler of a Thunderdome-style society that our heroes will stumble upon and have to escape.

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3 Responses to “Bactroban For Sale”

  1. torg December 14, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

    To complain that there is a scientific explanation for zombies as if it’s remotely the same as a scientific explanation for the force is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on these internets. And that’s saying a lot.

  2. Matt December 14, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    How does it not make sense? The Walking Dead books are successful because the story is about the people, NOT about the zombies. The original Star Wars trilogy is also a successful story that focuses on the relationships between its characters, and they don’t put the plot on hold to run around trying to figure out how the force works.

    One of the major issues with the prequel trilogy was that it took one piece of the plot and made such a big deal out of it. Likewise, The Walking Dead TV show did not need to take a big chunk of its season finale to explain zombie-ism in such a ham-fisted manner.

    One of the next major plots of the Walking Dead books is arguments between the characters on the morality of killing zombies, and how the different types of people develop different viewpoints. If you already revealed the true answer, that great plot device can NEVER be used in the show.

  3. roy jordan January 20, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    I Think it should end up in a town not every one nos about like say ontario wisconin out in the midelle of no waer lots of live stock and hid now that will be mest up but its good.

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