About Us

The History

The roots of MDP can truly be traced all the way back to the days of January 15, 2005. American Idiot was still ruling my iPod 3rd gen and people still used Myspace. Justin and I were bored and had decided to dig through our old Sega Dreamcast games. We came across a jewel called Dynamite Cop, which featured an intro video where the narrator proclaims "A group of Modern Day Pirates have kidnapped the president's daughter." Justin turned to me and said, that would be a great name for a website. We jumped over to my computer to make a website. What kind of website? We had no idea. I did however draw a cool octopus for a logo. Recently, I had told Justin I was annoyed that my college humor magazine had turned down some of my writing. Looking into the eyes of that octopus, I said "ya know, we could get way more people to read our stuff on the internet than we could ever get as a magazine." Even days into 2005, we were all about web. And so TheModernDayPirates.com was born. We gathered four of our friends as writers and for around 5 years, we ran a site writing about whatever we wanted. Towards the end, all our friends had moved on and even Justin had stopped posting, MDP becoming basically a neglected personal blog for me.

The Relaunch

In January 2010, five years basically to the day from the initial idea's spark, I found myself lacking full-time employment and without a project after leaving another site I had been working on for the past year and a half. Nearly at the breaking point of my emotions, I decided I had to keep on keeping on. After a few conversations with friends who were also graduates of the economic disaster either unemployed or were working in jobs where they could not use their writing, broadcasting, or arts degrees. They were doing this simply in order to pay for the student loans for their said degrees. After spending four to six years working hard, we needed a creative outlet. In the years I had worked on MDP and various other blogs, I learned that the amount of work updating and promoting a blog is far too much for just one person. Sure, anyone can make a free wordpress.com or blogspot site, but making something shine requires a staff. I made a list of everyone I had met from my travels who was a content creator, but didn't have a site of their own, and sent a massive email explaining The Geek Collective.

The Geek Collective

To be fancy, The Modern Day Pirates is a collaborative geek blogging website. To be simple, MDP has a growing staff of around 25 contributors. Each write at least one post a month (some many many more). This ensures we have new content daily and a sizable army to promote. When they sign up for the crew, each contributor (or Pirate) is asked one simple question "What do you geek out over?" From there, MDP's flavor of editorial content grows. Every post is from a person that is a guaranteed card-carrying obsessed with what they are writing about. Our audience runs the gamut of ages and demographics. You would think that a "geek blog" ran by a 20-something guy would be a boys club, but in fact the majority of our readers are female, thanks to our awesome "Nerdettes" section. No matter how they define themselves, everyone has one interest that they know more than anything else. It is that interest that makes them a geek, a nerd, a dork. We are all nerds. Let's celebrate it.

The Plan

Aside from the few extensions I have up my sleeve that I can't talk about, the goal of MDP is to just keep getting larger, adding more pirates in more topics. I seriously believe we are on to something with our unique blend of content. Have a topic you think you are a master of and want a site that will get that content read by an audience? Contact us at moderndaypirates@gmail.com!