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Fictionaire \ Fic●tion●aire \ noun;

  1. Person who tricks opponents into choosing the wrong word definition in the dictionary game.

  2. Buy Imitrex Without Prescription, A new card game from Days of Wonder that tests the skills of storytelling, trivia knowledge, and bluffing.

Read on for the full review:

Just the Facts:

Players: 4-7
Playing Time: 10-20 minutes
Age: 10 to adult
Publisher: Days of Wonder
MSRP: $10 per pack
Release: September 2010

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

The Gameplay:

Fictionaire is a rotating host game where the host can earn points by choosing the correct answer to a question, while the other player can earn points by fooling the host into choosing their fake answer.  The host begins each round be reading a question aloud.  Each player then takes the question card and peeks at the true answer.  They may now respond with a fictional answer in an attempt to fool the host, or they can use the true answer printed on the card. Once they respond, they pass to the left and allow the remaining players to respond, online buying Imitrex.

In order to separate truth from fiction, Online Imitrex without a prescription, there are several red keywords at the bottom of each card.  Fictional answers are not allowed to include any of these red words, while truthful answer must us them all.   The truth must be used exactly once each round, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, so players pay attention to previous answers in order to determine whether the truth has already been given.  If every player prior to the last player bluffs, Imitrex reviews, then they are forced to give the true answer.  After all players provide an answer, the host picks one that they feel is most likely to be the truth.

Once the host chooses an answer to question, Imitrex over the counter, the player who gave that answer gets a point card.  If the answer was a bluff, My Imitrex experience, that player also gets to keep that rounds question card, which counts as an additional point.  However, if the answer chosen was the true answer, real brand Imitrex online, the host keeps the question card and earns that second point.  Play then continues with the next player assuming the role of the host.  Although there are 14 point cards in the deck, Imitrex price, coupon, a stack double the size of the playing group should be set out at the beginning of the game.  Once there are no more point cards left, the game is over, so there should be exactly twice as many rounds as there are players, buying Imitrex online over the counter.


Fictionaire is sold as four separate games, each with questions of a slightly different theme.  While all of them include some general trivia, they each have a slightly different focus.  The four decks are as follows:

  • Fool Science - The Compendium of Scientific Wonders, Buy Imitrex Without Prescription. Questions covering technology and all of the sciences.  Example: "What was the subject of Albert Einstein's first published paper?" Answer: Capillarity, Ordering Imitrex online, the movement of liquids in thin tubes.u8

  • Naturals - Chronicles of the Physical World.  Facts about nature and regional trivia.  Example: "Why is the common basilisk also known as the Jesus lizard?" Answer: Because it can literally walk on water.

  • Classic - The Encyclopedia Fictionica.  Questions focusing around defining words or phrases.  Example: "What is a hurdy-gurdy?" Answer: A stringed musical instrument that produces a droning sound similar to that of bagpipes.

  • Tall Tales - It's a Weird World!.  Oddities and outstanding stories.  Example: "With what part of his body did Lithuanian Antanas Kontrimas manage to lift a young 63kg girl with?"  Answer: His beard.

Each Fictionaire deck includes 3 rules/demonstration cards, 14 victory point cards, and 60 double-sided question cards.  All together, order Imitrex online c.o.d, the four packs add up to almost 500 trivia questions. Imitrex description, The cards are a bit thin, but the colors are vibrant; these should hold up OK over long-term play.

Where Fictionaire truly earns a gold star is its packaging.  Each deck is themed after a fictional brand of cigarettes, after Imitrex, with highly stylized packaging to go along.  While you won't see a surgeon general's warning, Buy Imitrex online no prescription, the print doesn't break from the theme.  Even on the side of the box you'll see ingredients ""Cards: 77%, Rules: 8%, Points: 18%  -  Fun: 100%", canada, mexico, india. When you open a pack, Order Imitrex from United States pharmacy, the cards are also wrapped in a layer of foil, an addition that's purely cosmetic but very fun in sticking with the cigarettes theme. Buy Imitrex Without Prescription, The boxes are intended to be functional as well as fun, though, as the flip-top lids allow players to read the top half of each card without revealing the answers at the bottom.  The size makes the game extremely portable as well.  Many games advertise themselves as portable while not quite living up to the description, but people carry around cigarette packs all day, so why not a pack of these cards?  I long for the day where geeks rule the earth and carry packs of Fictionaire in their rolled-up shirt sleeves.

Our Thoughts:

Fictionaire is not an overly complex game, buy Imitrex without a prescription, and can actually be learned in about 2 minutes.  It falls strongly into the category of games that can be taught on the fly by playing one practice round and giving guidance to each new player.  This ties well into its nature as a portable card game, Buy Imitrex from mexico, but things start to break down when the game's pacing is thrown off.

The game can be fun if everyone at the table can quickly generate a creative response.  The process is not as easy as it sounds, though, Imitrex canada, mexico, india, as having to analyze everyone else's responses for the one mandatory true answer gives each person a lot to think about, Imitrex steet value, particularly when there are a full seven players.  Take this for example, the last player in a round must look at the red words and then be able to recall every other players answer to see if they were already used.  Even if they are quick with an answer, this process has already taken way too long.  Throw in a few players who have trouble thinking on their feet, Imitrex long term, and you've got a bit of a train wreck on your hands. Purchase Imitrex online no prescription, One of the heaviest weighted factors in any review you'll read here on MDP is how well a game will adapt itself to a diverse group of players.  It's not always easy getting 7 people to the table for a game, so most often, you've got to take who you have available.  Fictionaire tests three different skills, Imitrex cost, and having players weak in any of them will cause the game to drag. Imitrex schedule, Fictionaire also commits the cardinal sin of having a runaway leader.  By this, I mean that the game may not be technically over according to the rules, but one player has had so much early success that they are far ahead, doses Imitrex work, with no mechanism available that would allow other players much hope of catching up.  It's even possible to be mathematically eliminated from the game, Purchase Imitrex, yet still be forced to play a few rounds.

Overall, Fictionaire can be fun with an even-matched and equally-skilled group of player, Imitrex results, but there are a lot of hurdles for the average gamer to jump through in order to have a good time.  I would recommend Fictionaire only if you are a real card game buff, Doses Imitrex work, or if you intend to play in a very casual and non-competitive setting.  For the latter, Fictionaire actually offers a much better value than other attempts at marketing the dictionary game, such as Mattel's Balderdash, buy cheap Imitrex, which will run you $25. Buy no prescription Imitrex online, Where to Buy:

Fictionaire, in each of its four varieties, is available direct from Days of Wonder for $10 each.  The best price we could find online for packs was at Miniatures Market where they were available for 6.50 each, with low cost shipping options.

Disclaimer: The Modern Day Pirates were provided a complimentary review sample of this game.


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