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The Lost Art of Mending

One of his shirts was missing three black buttons and another was missing one clear button. I needed a total of four buttons and some black thread, because I was all out.

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Don’t get Choked by Full-Price Cables Ever Again

Buying a new piece of electronics can be a daunting task for even the geekiest of people, but one thing that is almost always looked over…wires. We have all been there – after carrying that new hdtv or blu-ray player in the house and unpacking the box, we find that there are no cables included […]

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DIY $5 Pop Filter

There is one simple fix that everyone can take when starting to record and that is adding a pop filter. As anyone that has ever had a Skype conversation with someone with a headset can vouch, the hard consonants like P,T, and D shoot air into a mic that causes that awful popping sound. Professional […]

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How to Make a Moleskine iPad Case

DIY instructions on how to craft an iPad case for under twenty dollars that disguises and protects in style.

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