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“Casanova”: The Sexiest “Who” Episode Ever

I am addicted to the Internet Movie Database. Whenever I watch something, I end up going to IMDB to learn the actors’ names, what they’ve been in,trivia about the production, and other details that are useful for pub quizzes, but not much else. A week ago, I was “IMDBing” David Tennant for the thousandth time, and […]

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Do Nothing But Read – Episode 06: Doctor Who Novels

In this episode, Amanda and Brandon completely geek out to almost dangerous levels as they talk about the young adult novel Doctor Who: The Forgotton Army by Brian Minchin.

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Who Noob: A Tale of New Love

April 3rd rolled around, and I was there, watching, enthralled.

And now I’m obsessed.

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Doctor Who Relaunch – A Who for Everyone

Doctor Who is back, but this time new show-runner Stephen Moffat does to it what JJ Abrams did to Star Trek and I explain how.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Doctor Who

It is time that America is introduced to The Doctor and his almost 50 year-old epic story. There is a reason for a show lasting that long, Doctor Who is the greatest idea for a television show ever conceived and let me tell you why.

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