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Doogie Horner Buy Viagra Without Prescription, is a Philadelphia / New York based comedian, Author, and Graphic Designer who has accomplished widespread notoriety as a contestant on America’s Got Talent, as well as being the winner of the 2010 Philadelphia’s Phunniest competition.  In October, Doogie published his most recent work, Everything Explained through Flowcharts (available here on Amazon.com).  Doogie was gracious enough to take a few minutes out of his day of being a comic genius to speak to The Modern Day Pirates about his new book. 

Doogie, Your most recent book is out, Everything Explained through Flow Charts. Where did you get the idea to do this book??

I had just started doing standup, Viagra mg, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and I noticed a lot of comics discussed similar topics. I made a flowchart about it as part of pitch for a completely different book, purchase Viagra online no prescription, Where can i find Viagra online, a memoir about standup, that never developed, Viagra cost. Buy Viagra from canada, However someone noticed that chart in the pitch, liked it, Viagra pics, Viagra photos, and asked if I'd consider doing a whole book of charts. I had already done a couple more charts—heavy metal band names and things to say during sex—and it developed from there, where can i cheapest Viagra online.

The list of topics covered in the book explores everything from alien sexual habits, WWF finishing moves, to the afterlife, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. What is Viagra, Why did you decide to cover such a wide variety of topics?

I have a diverse range of interests, I guess, where can i buy cheapest Viagra online. Viagra from canada, I like books like Schott's Miscellany, that cover a wide area, Viagra dosage, Order Viagra online c.o.d, books where you don't know what to expect on the next page. However, order Viagra from mexican pharmacy, Viagra pharmacy, as I illustrate in the book's table of contents chart, even though the subjects seem random, herbal Viagra, Online buying Viagra, they're actually all connected.

You are an accomplished standup comedian whose been featured on network television’s "America's Got Talent, online Viagra without a prescription, Low dose Viagra, " and author, and graphic designer, cheap Viagra no rx. Which of those do you enjoy most? Buy Viagra Without Prescription, I enjoy all three, they each have pluses and minuses. Viagra alternatives, Writing is rewarding but very solitary, and I also find it difficult, generic Viagra. Is Viagra addictive, It's hard to get feedback, you don't know if you're reaching people are not; that's disheartening, doses Viagra work. Viagra australia, uk, us, usa, But you can paint on such a large canvas, you can do anything, Viagra over the counter. Viagra without prescription, Standup is more limited, but it's nice to know that, kjøpe Viagra på nett, köpa Viagra online, Viagra samples, even if there are only five people in the audience, you know those people heard you. Standup is probably the most fun, except when the audience wants you to die, and then it's the least fun, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. Design is the easiest for me, because I've been doing it the longest, so it's more relaxing than the other two.

Everything Explained through Flow Charts is your most recent of your published works. Others include a first timers kit to losing your virginity, and Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know. Any ideas floating around for your next book?

I'd like to write fiction, but it's difficult because I get bored and start adding dumb jokes to the story. Buy Viagra Without Prescription, Also, nobody reads books anymore, which is a problem. I'm not sure what I'll do next. Maybe a book on cat massage.

Your book has been getting some good press, recently being featured in The New Yorker, and being featured on one of Time Magazine's favorite blog websites, boingboing.com Are you surprised with the attention the book has gotten?

I was honored Boing Boing was willing to cover the book, because it's one of my favorite blogs. This is going to sound arrogant, but I'm not surprised people like the book, because I like it too. But what author doesn't think their own book is great. Why isn't it on Oprah's book club. Why hasn't a celebrity been spotted reading it at the beach. (I guess cuz it's the winter.) I will never halt my shameless parade to receive more attention!.

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This week i had the opportunity to speak with John Deal.  John is a Philadelphia Comedian who came up through Brad Trackman's Philadelphia Comedy Academy Viagra For Sale, , and was the winner of the Second Annual Philadelphia Comedy Academy's Comedy Contest.  Since only the funniest, sexiest comedians win that contest (which I am in no way saying because I won the Third Annual PCA Contest...what?) , I made it a point of following up with John and interviewing him.

Why did you get into comedy, cheap Viagra. Viagra coupon,

I’m trying to speak up for that great minority: middle-aged, financially stable white men bored with their day jobs, Viagra from mexico. Viagra pics,

Who are your influences?

Denis Leary, Louis CK, my Viagra experience, Kjøpe Viagra på nett, köpa Viagra online, Demetri Martin, Dave Chappelle

Who is your favorite comedian, Viagra australia, uk, us, usa. Fast shipping Viagra,

Probably Louis CK.  His shows and specials constantly make me laugh.

What has been the high/low point in your comedy career so far?

High Point: I do this joke about my grandfather liking his socks black but not his neighborhood, Viagra interactions, Order Viagra from United States pharmacy, and during one show, my grandfather was actually in the audience, Viagra description, Viagra canada, mexico, india, and he was sitting behind the only black guy in the whole place.  I had to comment on it, and my grandfather and the guy played along well.  It was great to have my grandpop there, where can i buy cheapest Viagra online, Viagra street price, but it was also a perfect example of what makes stand-up so great.  You can plan all you want, but there’s still the x-factor of a live show, Viagra price, coupon, Buy cheap Viagra no rx, and sometimes it can go against you, but when it works in your favor, purchase Viagra, Canada, mexico, india, and the spontaneity breeds even more laughter, it gives you a hell of a rush.

Low Point: It’s not an easy thing to pursue.  I’ve had shows where only three people have shown.  The worst though was probably that I did a show in a living room without a mic for a group of about nine vegan animal activists.  What can I say, Viagra without prescription, Buy Viagra without prescription, I love charity.

Where do you perform, order Viagra no prescription, Where can i cheapest Viagra online, and what has been your favorite venue to perform in?

I have performed in Jersey, Philly, Viagra treatment, Viagra dosage, and Philly suburbs mostly.  My favorite is probably Helium downtown.  It’s a comedy club, not just a bar hosting comedy, Viagra gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Viagra reviews, and that makes a difference in the way the show goes down.

What is the worst joke you ever tried in front of an audience?

I once did a joke about “natural contraception”, which involved drinking heavily to avoid pregnancy, where can i find Viagra online, Viagra price, with a backup plan of pushing my wife down the stairs.  The crowd was mostly women, and they were militant.

Do you have any advice for aspiring comedians who have yet to get up on stage?

Have a punch-line.  I see too many people get up on stage and just tell “funny stories” that end disastrously.

Do you have anything you want to promote / Any gigs coming up?

Will be at the Comedy Cabaret in NE Philly on November 5th and November 20th, Viagra from canada. Buy Viagra online no prescription,


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Buy Amikacin Without Prescription, This week I return with the second installment of what will be a reoccurring (and much more frequent piece), Get To Know A Comedian.  I had the pleasure of doing an audio interview with 18 year vet of the industry Brad Trackman a little while back, and am bringing it back with Frank Genzano.  In the future, I will be doing Q/A's in print form, as catching up with people before shows is more difficult than you would think, especially when you are as socially inept as I am. 

Why did you get into comedy?

Back in July of 2007, My oldest brother Michael passed away at the age of 36. Buying Amikacin online over the counter, He always thought I should try doing stand-up and I always wanted to try it.  After a few years of thinking about it, I told my first joke at Helium Comedy Club on Jan 31st, Amikacin dosage, Amikacin mg, 2009.

Who are your influences, what is Amikacin. Buy Amikacin online no prescription,

Don Rickles & Richard Pryor

Who is your favorite comedian.

Louis C.K, cheap Amikacin no rx.

What has been the high/low point in your comedy career so far, Buy Amikacin Without Prescription. Amikacin online cod,

High Point: I got accepted into the World Series of Comedy.  Thousands of comics applied and I was chosen to one of the one hundred that performed that week.

Low Point: I did a show for two people at a club in New Jersey, Amikacin no rx. Amikacin pics, Where do you perform, and what has been your favorite venue to perform in?

Clubs and One nighters in Pennsylvania, online buy Amikacin without a prescription, Amikacin samples, New Jersey and New York.

Favorite Venue: There is a club called The Black Door out in Vegas, online Amikacin without a prescription. Amikacin steet value, The name of the show is CUI: Comics Under the Influence.  It's a late show every Thursday night and most of the bookers, club owners and headliners show up to blow some steam off and listen to guys who usually work clean stretch their legs.  For an young up and coming comedian, Amikacin alternatives, Amikacin for sale, it's a great place to be seen by some decision makers.

What is the worst joke you ever tried in front of an audience?

Probably the first joke I ever told at Helium.  I invited my parents, no prescription Amikacin online, Effects of Amikacin, in-laws, wife, buy Amikacin no prescription, Amikacin australia, uk, us, usa, family and friend to the shows and said " I am married and I'm at the point in my marriage where I need someone other than my wife to touch my d%*&." I wasn't a big fan of hers or the in-laws after the show.

Do you have any advice for aspiring comedians who have yet to get up on stage?

Once you start getting up, buy Amikacin from mexico, Amikacin description, remember there isn't a short cut to performing at least 500 times.

Do you have anything you want to promote / Any gigs coming up?

www.FrankGenzano.com or Facebook.com/frankgenzano

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