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Book Round-Up: Sideshow!

Books about sideshows and freak shows can kind of become sideshows themselves. A sideshow is all about spectacle and observation. So in the act of reading about sideshows, we create a spectacle of the characters and their oddities.

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Book Round-Up: Award-Winning YA Lit

I am of the opinion that winning an award does not mean a book is actually good. I’ve read award-winners in the past that I thought were extremely overrated and not deserving of whatever award it might have been. However, there are some books in the young adult field that have won awards in the past ten years that I highly recommend.

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Book Round-Up: Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Why are there so many young adult books about the apocalypse and what happens afterward? I kind of think it’s because being a teenager is life-changing to an explosive extent. You grow up, your brain gets more folds, you develop a world-view, and maybe you fall in love.

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Book Round-Up: Young Adult Punk Rock Lit

Books about music are sort of weird in that you need to listen to the music to get it, but once you understand the music, reading about it makes so much sense.

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